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Product Overview

The IFI First Attack Nozzle™ is a one-of-a-kind, innovative piercing fog nozzle, far superior to anything on the market. While its ability to pierce even the hardest material is unsurpassed, it is the protection the nozzle provides to firefighters and its ability to quickly knock down fires using only a fraction of the water that other nozzles use, that truly sets it apart.

Using a proprietary rotor, the IFI First Attack Nozzle™ is the only nozzle that creates a three layer, 30 foot fog pattern in front of the firefighter that reduces radiant heat by 90%! In addition, the nozzle can be easily handled by just one firefighter even at over 300 PSI. Overexertion and stress caused by heat fatigue is the leading cause of all firefighter deaths. Use of this nozzle can greatly reduce these dangers.

  • Provides unsurpassed protection from drastic and prolonged heat by reducing radiant heat to the firefighter by 90%
  • Only nozzle that creates a three layer, 30 foot uncompromised fog pattern using a proprietary rotor
  • Knocks down fires in a fraction of the time, using a fraction of the water that conventional nozzles use
  • Piercing tip can easily penetrate Structures, Vehicles, Boats, Aircraft, Cargo Containers and just about anything else in its path
  • Easy to use and enhances the abilities of First Responders! Not only can the nozzle be easily handled by one firefighter at over 300 PSI, there are no settings, which allows for the fastest deployment possible
  • The 1.5" First Attack Nozzle™ comes standard with one nozzle, two nearly indestructible tips (piercing and bullnose), and a proprietary rotor
  • Easy Maintenance. Just remove the tip and flush the nozzle out to remove particulates
  • Flows Water, Foam, CAF and the 1.5" First Attack Nozzle™ also flows CO2 for industrial applications
  • Quick Deployment! Designed for cross-lays and pre-connects, the nozzle fits easily on any truck
  • Proudly made in America! The highest quality construction, using only the best materials
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Product Specs

  • 1.5" First Attack Nozzle (IFI 75664) - Great for pre-connects, cross lays and house bundles. Comes in 3, 4 and 5 ft. models. Unprecedented firefighter protection and fire suppression.
    • For Industrial Applications (IFI 75663) - We recommend adding the C02 (cryogenic) shut-off valve and the 25' double jacketed high pressure hose to the standard package. Outstanding for Aircraft Firefighting, Refineries, Offshore Oil Platforms, and Airport and Helicopter Pad Firefighting.

IFI First Attack Nozzle™ Specs
Maximum Working Pressure 200 PSI (13.79 BAR)
Factory Tested Pressure 450 PSI (31.03 BAR)
Temperature Rating 2000° Fahrenheit
Weight (48" Model) 14 pounds (4 ft.)
Length 36, 48, or 60 inches
Width 2.5 inches
Nozzle Material 316 Stainless Steel
Nozzle Tip Material 1704 Annealed SS
Rotor Material Proprietary
Water Flow @ 150 PSI / 10.3 BAR 148 GPM / 560 LPM
Flow Capabilities Water, CO2, Foam, CAF
IFI First Attack Nozzle™ Parts List
Qty. Part
1x First Attack Nozzle™
1x Piercing Tip
1x Bullnose Tip
Total: $1,600 USD + Shipping