Firefighting Products

The following are residential & rural products developed by International Fog, Inc. To request additional information, please contact us at

First Attack Nozzle™
The IFI First Attack Nozzle™ is a one-of-a-kind, innovative firefighting nozzle. It generates a unique and specific fog pattern that expands the heat barrier, and protects the firefighter by reducing radiant heat by 90%. A water-bearing is created by the spinning rotor and the rotor head which is interchangeable from a bull nose tip to a piercing tip, allowing immediate access through brick, wood, aluminum, etc. One firefighter has the capability to operate the nozzle because of quick deployment "no settings" and there is minimum back pressure even with 300 PSI. These nozzles were designed for cross-lays and pre-connects for quick deployment. View Product Details

Interior First Attack Nozzle™
The IFI Interior First Attack Nozzle™ is a one-of-a-kind, innovative firefighting nozzle that generates a three layer, 20 foot uncompromised fog pattern, reducing radiant heat to the firefighter by 90%! Designed for interior attacks, the IFI Interior First Attack Nozzle™ has a 12 to 15 foot forward push which makes it great for overhaul. View Product Details

IFI Hurricane™
Using a proprietary rotor, the 2.5" IFI First Attack Hurricane Nozzle™ is the only nozzle that creates a five layer, 70 foot fog pattern in front of the firefighter that reduces radiant heat by 90%!

In addition to its exceptional ability to protect firefighters from radiant heat, there is no nozzle reaction, NONE, which together, greatly reduces overexertion and stress caused by heat fatigue, the leading cause of all firefighter deaths. The IFI First Attack Hurricane Nozzle™ is designed for exposure protection and acts as a heat shield during dangerous approach scenarios. View Product Details

IFI Flightline Nozzle™
The IFI Flightline Nozzle™ is an exceptional advancement in aviation safety. Adaptable to any airport crash truck with an extendable boom, the IFI Flightline Nozzle™ greatly enhances firefighting and rescue capabilities with a flow rate that exceeds FAA standards. The case hardened piercing tip of the IFI Flightline Nozzle™ allows boom operators precise entry into aircraft fuselage and engine pods, without worry of equipment failure. The nozzle is virtually indestructible and requires minimal maintenance to periodically inspect for dirt and water supply particulates. View Product Details