Deluge Nozzles

IFI Deluge-Tech™ nozzles come in a range of sizes including ¼, ½, ¾, 1, and 1.5 in NPT. All nozzles are made in America out of the finest material including 17-4 stainless steel and a high endurance proprietary Kevlar composite. The nozzles are broken into two product lines, a medium pressure (75-300 psi) water mist (300 microns) and a low pressure (7-75 psi) large droplet (1-5 mm). The water mist nozzles are most effective in enclosed compartments, class B fires, thermal cooling and radiation protection and water sensitive material. The large drop nozzles are most effective in large volume spaces, and with class A fire sources. If you have questions about the proper nozzle for your application feel free to contact us. The nozzles can flow other agents than water including F-500, water additives, and AFFF.

Applications that IFI Deluge-Tech™ nozzles can be used include water deluge system, water walls for thermal radiation screening, water mist systems, foam systems, toxic gas mitigation, dust explosion protection, marine applications, tunnel fire protection, Halon replacement, ship water systems, escape routes on ship and oil platforms, LNG and LPG tank protection, off shore drilling rigs, transformer fire protection and flammable liquid storage.

A water deluge system can either be designed for general area coverage, or a directed water spray protecting a specific equipment item. Both are delivered from fixed pipework and independent fire pumps and provide protection to:

  • control pool fires and thus reduce the likelihood of escalation;
  • provide cooling of equipment not impinged by jet fires;
  • provide a means to apply foam to extinguish hydrocarbon pool fires; and
  • limit effects of fires to facilitate emergency response and evacuation escape and rescue (EER) activities.
  • The four broad types of deluge system include:

  • area protection designed to provide non-specific coverage of pipework and equipment within process areas;
  • equipment protection designed to provide dedicated coverage of critical equipment such as vessels and wellheads;
  • structural protection designed to provide dedicated coverage of structural members;
  • water curtains to reduce thermal radiation and to control the movement of smoke in order to provide protection to personnel during escape and evacuation.

    A full line of open head nozzles are available with various threading and three sizes, spray angles and k factors. Please email or call 1-312-351-5919 for more information.