IFI Decon Shower™

Product Overview

The IFI Decon Shower™ is designed with the same breakthrough fog technology as our other products and and can be quickly deployed in under 10 minutes. The IFI Decon Shower™ is used to decontaminate personnel at chemical spills, hazardous waste sites, and for quick cool-down at major fire scenes. Neutralizing agents and chemicals may be added to the IFI Decon Shower™ unit when needed.

  • Easy to use! Can be assembled and ready to go in less than 10 minutes. There are no settings, just turn it on and walk through
  • Standard package comes with three (3) proprietary rotors, the necessary framework and support system and a carry bag
  • Easy Maintenance. Just remove the tips and flush the nozzles out to remove particulates
  • Flows Water, Foam and Neutralizing Agents
  • Proudly made in America! The highest quality construction, using only the best material
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Product Specs

IFI Decon Shower™ Specifications
Maximum Working Pressure 125 PSI (8.62 BAR)
Factory Tested Pressure 400 PSI (27.85 BAR)
Nozzle Material Aircraft Aluminum
Rotor Material Proprietary
Water Flow @ 100 PSI / 6.9 BAR 80 GPM / LPM Per Nozzle
Flow Capabilities Water & Decon. Agents
IFI Decon Shower™ Parts List
1x IFI Decon Shower™ Unit
3x Standard Rotor